Lisbeth Segerlund

Senior Lecturer

School of Global
Visiting address
Konstepidemins väg 2
41314 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 700
40530 Göteborg

About Lisbeth Segerlund

Bachelor of Arts at Uppsala University, with a major in Business and Management and a minor in Economics, Master of Arts at Stockholm University (60 credits) in International Economic History and PhD in Economic History at Stockholm University, specializing in International Relations. Previous employment as a Senior Lecturer at Stockholm University (2008-2010) and Södertörn University (2010-2012) and, among others, as an analyst/ reporting case officer in state agency and case officer at NGOs.

Areas of interest and current research

The research is mainly focused on norms and norm construction based in a social constructivist perspective, with a particular interest in issues of corporate responsibility for human rights and age-based discrimination or ageism. In 2010 Lisbeth Segerlund published "Making Corporate Social Responsibility A Global Concern: Norm Construction in Globalizing World" at Ashgate publishers as a result of this research.

At present research is focused on norms and agism in relation to how Swedish government agencies work with recruitment in relation to age in view of the changes in the pension system and policies on extended work life. In addition, a study is also conducted on norm change relating to corporate social responsibility and proposals to revise the Swedish Public Procurement Act.


Teaching is mainly conducted on the Swedish Master's Programme in Human Rights.