Kanchana N Ruwanpura

About Kanchana N Ruwanpura

Research themes:

1) Labour Geographies;

2) Feminism and gender;

3) Post-disaster, conflict and post-conflict development politics;

4) Ethical trading and global governance;

5) Feminist politics and critical pedagogies;

Research areas:

Sri Lanka - and South Asia more broadly.

My academic life:

I straddle these research strands in my research for Sri Lanka and South Asia because I am interested in giving voice to the struggles of people and communities consistently on the margin of heightened global inequality, although it is these very communities that upkeep global capitalism. This work is even more important in the midst of a pandemic, an unfolding humanitarian disaster and climate change threats that cloud contemporary life. The ongoing great tragedy and global moral turpitude underline how imperative it is for social scientists to continuously rehearse claims for economic, political and social justice. It is only then that it would be possible to tease out the processes and meanings of development, so that we can abide by people’s concerns around and meanings of social justice.