Jesper Norda


The Design Unit
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Kristinelundsgatan 6-8
41137 Göteborg
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Box 131
40530 Göteborg

About Jesper Norda

I am an artist, sound designer/composer and educator.   As an artist, since my graduation in 2002 I have worked mostly with time-based art, sound and video works, but also with sculpture, text and photos. I have a regular exhibition activity, both nationally and internationally, with several solo exhibitions in both art galleries and smaller galleries, as well as several group exhibitions and appearances at festivals/concerts etc. I am represented at several art museums and public collections and I participate regularly as a reference person / expert in different contexts (The Arts Committee, Västra götalandregionen etc.).

As a sound designer and composer, I have been active in different environments: film, radio, stage projects, apps, interactive/digital projects and product-based sound design. A large part of my work as a sound designer is linked to my time in the sound studio at Kokokaka (Gothenburg), but I have also worked with sound design at eg Volvo Technology.

As a teacher I am currently working as a lecturer in Design at HDK. I have previously been a regular guest teacher at a number of preparatory art schools, as well as guest teacher institutions at a higher level. During the years 2002-2007, I held a position as lecturer in Fine art at Valand Academy. I have also been active in other educational environments, for example at the Nordic Watercolor Museum, in Skapande skola-projects and as an artistic project manager for a few art pedagogical projects.

”Jesper Norda started as a composer, but changed direction while he was studying in the composition class at the Music Academy in Gothenburg in the end of the 90s and switched to the Art Academy in the same town for his master degree. A main thread in his artistry since then has been a constant questioning of the borderlines between sound and silence. The visual and the sounding materials are juxtaposed in conceptually challenging ways. Even if his works look and sound quite differently from theirs, he is probably the Swedish sound artist that is closest to the conceptual tradition of artists like La Monte Young, John Baldessari and Sol LeWitt and the reductionism of musicians like Toshimaru Nakamura, Sachiko M and Taku Sugimoto.” - Magnus Haglund