Fredrik Hieronymus


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Medicinaregatan 11-13
41390 Göteborg
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Box 431
40530 Göteborg

About Fredrik Hieronymus

Clinical psychopharmacology group

Our research group focusses on assessing efficacy, tolerability, and safety of psychopharmacological treatments that are in clinical use. We are particularly interested in contrasting the specific effects of different treatments for the same conditions – e.g., different classes of antidepressants – with the goal being to improve the matching between patients and interventions so that better treatment outcomes can be achieved.

We also have a fundamental research interest in how to accurately evaluate the effects of psychopharmaceuticals in clinical and research settings. This translates into an interest in how to best construct rating scales for various psychiatric constructs, e.g., using item response theory or classical test theory. The guiding principle being that increased precision in measurement can help guide future drug discovery, e.g., by decreasing the number of participants needed to demonstrate significant effects in clinical trials and/or by increasing our understanding of the specific effects in humans of different psychopharmaceuticals.

While we primarily work with large collections of clinical trial and registry data, we also collaborate with research groups that are engaged in clinical trials of psychopharmaceuticals. Currently we are contributing to studies of psilocybin for depression in cancer patients, escitalopram in premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and a novel dopamine stabilizer as add-on treatment to SSRIs in treatment-resistant depression.

Group members

Fredrik Hieronymus, docent, group leader

Axel Sjöstedt, researcher

Helena Werin Sjögren, psychiatrist and researcher