Felix Larsson


Philosophy and Logic unit
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Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
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Box 200
40530 Göteborg

About Felix Larsson


I received my Ph.D. in Theoretical Philosophy in 2003 for “Intentional Objects”, a work on intentionality in the sense of mental and verbal reference to individual objects.

This work shows that, typically, you establish several intentional relations, independent of each other, to any actual, real life, middle-sized, physical objects as you think or talk of.

It also shows that a fully satisfactory analysis of what it takes to think and talk of actual objects has to consider all aspects and introduces all concepts and distinctions that is needed for an equally satisfactory analysis of what it takes to think and talk of fictional or otherwise non-existent objects. There is thus an interesting sense in which you think of actual and fictional objects in the same way.

(As for current research, I have, for some time, been working on and re-working a paper on what I take to be the cardinal error of utilitarianism.)


Teaching and translating have been my main occupation for half a dozen years.

I have taught philosophy of language, metaphysics, and Indian and Chinese philosophy to First Level philosophy students as well as critical thinking skills, philosophy of science, and ethics to students at the Programme for Teacher Training.

I have also been the advisor of several undergraduate theses at the Teacher Training Programme.


Besides translating literature, for better and for worse (including—for the better—several works by C. S. Lewis), I am writing a textbook on Indian philosophy (hopefully to be followed by one on Chinese philosophy).