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About Erik Sterner

What's challenging to understand about climate change? How can learning be promoted in the areas of climate change and sustainable development?

Erik Sterner is devoted to improving the pedagogics and communication of these areas. He is working at EfD as a researcher, pedagogical developer, communicator and teacher. Previously he was comparing different climate forcers (gases and particles) using simple climate models (2011-2015), but after his licentiate thesis, his strong interest in pedagogics and communication made him direct his research focus into the area of climate change pedagogics.

Erik is engaged in student centered education and public communication of science that aims to create engaging learning experiences. As an example, he is one of the creators of the climate change educational games Climate Call, which has been printed in more than 50 000 copies and is being used widely in education and elsewhere. He is proud to have contributed to the creation of multiple courses, two programs (Learning and Leadership and Global Systems at Chalmers) and one student driven mathematics mentorship program Intize. In addition Erik is frequently performing teacher training and professional development activities for active teachers and have trained over 500 teachers.

He is currently conducting research into

  • an initiative to develop a Glocal (i.e. global and local) master program tentatively called Collaborative Climate Change and Sustainable Development (3CSD),
  • capacity building efforts including civil servants training on Inclusive Green Economy in the Global South,
  • the use of the Climate Call game and
  • the relationship between knowledge in and attitudes to climate change.