Emilia Carlsson

Senior Lecturer

Department of Health and Rehabilitation
Visiting address
Arvid Wallgrens backe hus 1 O 2
41346 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 455
40530 Göteborg

About Emilia Carlsson

Emilia Carlsson is a speech and language pathologist (SLP). Emilia works at the Speech and Language Pathology Unit as a senior lecturer. She is programme director at the SLP programme since July 2022. Emilia has been working 20% at Angereds Närsjukhus, Sjukhusen i Väster since 2021, within a clinical project named: Små barn Nordost. She is involved in clinical developmental work as well as research. Previously, Emilia has worked as SLP in multi-professional team at the Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry Unit (BNK) and Öckerö child unit.


Her research focus on children with developmental speech, language, and communicative difficulties. In 2019, she defended her thesis at the University of Gothenburg, the Institute of Neuroscience and physiology at the Unit for Speech and Language Pathology and at the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre. Her thesis is entitled ‘Aspects of Communication, Language and Literacy in Autism – Child Abilities and Parent Perspectives’ and focus on Language and Communicative functioning in children with autism spectrum disorder.

Currently, her research focuses on preschool children with ESSENCE, autism, and other neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as speech and language disorders in children. She is also involved in studies that focuses on prevention and early interventions in Child Health Services and in health care. Emilia is a co supervisor to PhD-student Hanna Dyne and the research topic is Early and collaboration with Region Halland, and the Region library.