David Turner

Professor Emeritus

Department of Marine
Postal address
Box 461
40530 Göteborg

About David Turner


My current research focuses on the development and application of chemical models for seawater. It is well known that the reactivity of the chemical elements in seawater is dependent on the chemical forms(s) in which they are present. Although equilibrium conditions are far from universal, the ability to calculate chemical speciation at equilibrium provides the starting point for an understanding of an element’s chemistry in seawater.

I lead an international group that is developing quality-assured chemical speciation models for seawater together with estimates of the uncertainties in the calculated quantities. The first version of freely available software for these calculations will be released in mid 2023. This work takes place within international oceanographic organisations:

2015 - 2022: Working Group 145 of the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR)

2023 onwards: Chemical Speciation Taskgroup within the Joint Committee on the Properties of Seawater (JCS), which is sponsored by the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean (IAPSO), SCOR, and The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS)

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