Ulla Hellstrand Tang

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Ortopedteknik, Falkenbergsgatan 3
412 85 Göteborg
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Su sahlgrenska
41345 Göteborg

About Ulla Hellstrand Tang

Current research areas

  • Ten year follow-up of gait, function in the lower extremities, plantar pressure and foot status of patients with diabetes provided with different types of insoles.
  • D-Foot, an eHealth tool to be used in risk stratification and foot assessment in patients with diabetes.
  • Assistive devices – Vision 2025. An innovation project to map the need of assistive devices now and in 2025. What are the needs of digital/manual foot screening? How should the provision of assistive devices be organised for patient with diabetes?
  • Silicon orthoses as treatment of heel crackers: an RCT comparing the treatment with silicon orthoses + moisture with treatment with moisture.
  • Sustainable healthcare with application of the care of the Diabetic Foot,,
  • Facilitating and barriers in of digital innovation towards "Vision 2025 digital health care i Sweden"
  • A national quality register – the Diabetic Foot
  • MyFootDiabetes, an application aimed to be used by persons with diabetes for self-screening of the foot.
  • Hoj17/Bike4DIab, en cykeltur för bättre fothälsa, diabetes/a biking tour for better foot health in diabetes, The project was organized by Göteborgs Diabetes Association. The tour was 2 500 km long and lasted for 90 days. During the tour 13 meetings and 4 mini seminars were held. Twenty articles in newspapers were published. Four interviews in local radio was sent. TV4 highlighted the project to minimize amputations rate in patients with diabetes (…, downloaded 20171006).
  • Health politics. I am engaged in several projects to promote good foot health. The work is done in collaboration with the diabetes associations. I hold speeches and workshops with the main theme “sustainable foot health in diabetes- prevention and care”.

Researchers in our projects:

Roy Tranberg • Roland Zügner • Sigrid Simonsson • Åsa Edlund • John Alnemo • Leif Sundberg • Jon Karlsson • Johan Kärrholm • Stefan Hellstrand • Gustav Jarl • Frida Smith • Ulla Karilampi • Andreas Gremyr


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