Anja Allwood

Doctoral Student

Department of Swedish, multilingualism, language technology
Visiting address
Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 200
40530 Göteborg

About Anja Allwood

I am interested in what happens when texts, languages and cultures interact. In particular, I am interested in translation as a process and a product. I have an MA in translation and have previously worked both as a translator for the European Union and as a freelancer, translating and subtitling. My Project My project concerns indirect translation (also known as relay translation, second hand translation or mediated translation) i.e. translations of translations. I analyse indirect translation of novels into Swedish in today’s society (2000-2015) and what consequences this can have, for the text itself and for society at large.

The overall aim of the project is to improve our understanding of current indirect translation trends by answering the following questions:

• To what extent is indirect translation still used as a method to translate novels into Swedish? • For which source languages is it used? And which are the mediating languages? • What can be the reasons for, or norms underlying, indirect translation? • What are the possible consequences of indirect translation? (On a macro level, but also on a textual/micro level.) Teaching I teach “Professional Skills” at the Translators Programme and “Translation” at the Language Consultancy Programme. Between 2009 and 2011 I taught the courses “Reading” and “Pronunciation, Dialogues and Listening Skills” at the first cycle Dutch. Extra I am a member of the following professional organisations: SNÖ – Swedish Network for Translation Studies SFÖ - Swedish Association of Professional Translators EST – European Society for Translation Studies