Anders Raustorp

About Anders Raustorp

Anders Raustorp is a senior lecturer in physiotherapy with focus on physical activity. He is the teacher (GIH, 1980) and a registered physiotherapist (KI, 1985). Has since 1996 been working with sports teacher training, sports medicine courses, sports science program at the University of Kalmar from 2010 Linen University. Anders graduated in March 2005 at the Karolinska Institutet, Department of clinical Neuroscience at a dissertation "Physical activity, body composition and physical self-esteem among children and adolescents.

Anders is the leader of the Swedish section of the international research project. Measuring Physical avtivity BMI and Self Esteem among schoolchildren in Sweden, United States and Australia. By cooperating internationally, establishing the research group steps per day recommended for children. young people and adults. Anders has introduced step counter in the Swedish research and methodology in physiotherapy and is an authority on pedometer-related research. Other research projects are in Physical Activity and the Built environment Kidscape pre-school children's school gardens and its importance for physical activity and UV protektion. Child on foot- School children physical activity in different urban environment and physical activity and Nutrition Danish Food Administration's national survey. A number of international missions such as to WHO in Childhood obesity prevention and WCPT (World Confederation of Physical Therapists) in Health Promotion can be mentioned.


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