Tone Försund


Department of Sociology and Work Science
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About Tone Försund


After growing up in agriculture and working in different ways with horses, I trained as a zookeeper, with a focus on non-European animals, and worked at various zoological parks in the 80s. In 1990, I took the step over to the homo sapiens and got trained as a drama teacher and then continued to further my education, at, among others: Högskolan Väst, Gävle Högskola and Gothenburg University. The main subject is conflict resolution, but my master's degree also includes courses in, among other things, psychology and pedagogy. I have a 3-year training in psychosynthesis at the Gothenburg Institute of Psychosynthesis and am a trained psychosocial work supervisor at Marie Ceredschiöld University. Is also trained in mediation at BRÅ.


In my work as a teacher, I teach a number of courses and programs at various institutions based on drama pedagogy and behavioral science. Was for ten years course responsible for the course "Supervision in pedagogical work towards students and colleagues" (sc1612) and several years for the course "Interculturality and value pedagogy" (sc1603). Furthermore, I work as a teacher at the Principal Education at the University of Gothenburg. I also supervise students in their essays and project work. Regularly participates in training for university staff in, among other things, conflict management and dealing with threatening situations and since 2019 has been working together with three other colleagues as conflict counselors for the university's employees. From January 2020 I am also the institution's workplace representative (AMO)

In addition to my work at the University of Gothenburg, I lecture and supervise outside workplaces and am helpful in workplace conflicts and difficult conversations as time permits. My main areas are; conflict management, pedagogy, group dynamics, communication, leadership/profession and supervision.

In 2016, together with Anneline Sander and Stina Larsson, I received the Faculty of Social Sciences' pedagogical prize


Chapter author together with Anneline Sander: "Drama pedagogical approach linked to leadership and preventive conflict management" in the book Conflict management in professional teaching (2020). Gleerups.

In 2024, the book VFU: handledning - handbook for teachers was published at Gothia Kompetens. The book was written together with Per Fagerström (Karlstad University and Center for School Development in Gothenburg).

Writing two articles together With Pia Andersson (JU) and Helén Södersqvist (IPS): Under the surface, a case study that highlights and exemplifies the work process of a work team with experiential learning forms in their teaching and Reflected practice, which describes what experiential pedagogy is and gives examples of how experiential pedagogy can work in an academic teaching context with the aim of creating more knowledge about what experiential pedagogy meets in an academic environment and show what needs to be done to improve the possibilities for experiential pedagogy in an academic context.


Assignment training for pre-service teachers in Lerum municipality ht2023/vt2024 regarding teacher leadership.

Assignment training together with Thomas Jordan for managers within VGR.

Lectures by invitation at various workplaces, schools and preschools.

Participated in "Barns plats i staden - förskolesummit Gothenburg 2019 Preschool administration.

Was a co-organizer in the Nordic conference DramaBoreale 2018.

Participated in 2017 in the project EduCATe (European Nonviolent Conflict Management for Educators: Advocacy and training).

Member of reference group in the Vi project: