Benefits and insurances at the University of Gothenburg

All university staff have access to a wide range of benefits and insurances, some of which are presented below. The central government sector has in many cases led the way on the labour market when it comes to individually set pay and modern employment terms.


Starting in the year you turn 40 years old, you are entitled to 35 days of paid holiday. From the year you turn 30, you have 31 days, and before that 28 days. All staff are entitled to paid holiday already during their first year of employment at the University of Gothenburg.

Parental allowance supplement

Each day you receive parental allowance above the basic level from the Swedish Social Insurance Administration, the University pays a parental allowance supplement. The supplement equals 10 per cent of the staff member’s daily pay up to the national so-called base amount ceiling (basbeloppstaket).

For salaries that exceed the base amount ceiling, the parental allowance supplement is 90 per cent of the daily pay.

Keep-fit reimbursement

All university staff are entitled to reimbursement of gym fees and other costs for wellness activities. They may also take part in these activities during paid working hours at up to 1 hour/week.

The maximum reimbursement amount is SEK 2,000/year and is based on the percentage of the year that the person has been an employee of the University.

Health and dental care

You may visit the doctor or dentist during paid working hours and may also be reimbursed for medical care, physiotherapy, and prescription drugs.

All staff are entitled to occupational health services in case of work-related problems.

The University pays staff members a sick leave supplement in connection with sick leaves exceeding 14 days. The supplement equals 10 per cent of the staff member’s daily pay up to the national base amount ceiling.


If you are injured at work or on your way to and from work, you may qualify for compensation from the national work injury insurance.

Additional compensation may also be paid as per the agreement on damages for bodily injury.

The group life insurance provides financial protection for survivors in case of death. Read more at the website of the Swedish National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV)

All employees are covered by business travel insurance through the University.


All university staff are covered by the national pension agreement PA 16. Read more at the website of the Swedish National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV).

If certain requirements are met, a staff member may apply for partial pension. The staff member may also qualify for sick leave supplement according to the general agreement on pay and benefits.

In addition, staff members may defer part of their income until retirement.