Terms and processing personal data in the Ad Portal

In the Ad Portal of University of Gothenburg, companies, public organizations and organizations are welcome to advertise internships, proposals for degree thesis and essays, qualified permanent employments and extra jobs for students and alumni.

Processing personal data in the Ad Portal

When you submit your advertisement for publication, you also give your consent to the University of Gothenburg to process, store and publish the personal data you provide in the registration form in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The University of Gothenburg will not register any information other than the ones you specify in this form. The data will only be processed by authorized employees at the University of Gothenburg and will not be sold or passed on to third parties, unless law and regulation so require.

The information you provide about the company/public sector is processed in the University of Gothenburg's CRM solution in the alumni system. Administrators who have access to the system have the opportunity to make notes regarding the contacts that the university has with you and your company/public activity.

The University of Gothenburg may contact you for follow-up of student/alumni collaborations or offers of related services.

Note that University of Gothenburg is a state authority that is governed by the principle of publicity.

Terms for advertising

The University of Gothenburg's alumni office reserves the right to review, edit and approve all submitted ads. The University of Gothenburg's alumni office also reserves the right not to publish incoming ads that may be perceived as offensive, discriminatory, offensive or otherwise harm the University's name and reputation, promote harmful products or violate the Freedom of Expression Act.

Ads which contradicts good ethics will be removed, and so do ads that require membership in an organization.

We also don't approve information about and invitations to courses, conferences and competitions as ads, and since May 1st 2023 we don't approve ads from private persons (with no compay).

In all advertisements published in the University of Gothenburg's ad portal, it must be clear who the employer is and in what company or public sector/organization the employment is.

All advertisers must also provide a contact with contact details that the University of Gothenburg's alumni office can contact if there is any questions.

Ads for unpaid jobs on companies/organizations are published only if it is an internship that is part of the education. (However, not part-time involvement in the ideal sector.)

The University of Gothenburg is responsible for all processing of personal data that takes place within the University's activities, and the Data Protection Officer (DO) at e-mail

To the University of Gothenburg's website for the processing of personal data.

If you have questions about the alumni system with the Ad Portal, you are welcome to contact the central alumni office on +46 708-56 53 34 or +46 733-82 33 17, or email You can also write to the address:
University of Gothenburg/Central Alumni Office, Communication unit, Box 100, SE 405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden