Photo: Johan Wingborg

Exchange studies at Sahlgrenska Academy

Sahlgrenska Academy welcomes about 100 exchange students from our partner universities each year.

Become an exchange student

Depending on your field of study it’s possible to:

  • Take courses
  • Participate in clinical placements
  • Do your thesis projects

Please note, there must be a formal exchange agreement between your home university and Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg in order for us to be able to accept you as an exchange student.


Sahlgrenska Academy International Office

The International Coordinators can help you with your questions. 

Individual arrangements  

If you cannot find any suitable option in the course catalogue, please contact the International Coordinators to discuss individual arrangements.

Examples of individual arrangements

  • Clinical placement or rotation 
  • Internship 
  • Applied studies
  • Data collection 
  • Lab work 

Swedish as language of instruction

If you are able to study with Swedish as the language of instruction, you can apply for courses taught at our Swedish study programmes.

Please contact the International Coordinator responsible for your study field.