Three students having a fika and studying outside
Students studying in the charming neighbourhood Haga
Photo: Medieteknik/Alana da Silva

Apply for a programme or course in the second application round

The University's free standing courses and many of our degree programmes are open for application in the second admission round. However, we only recommend this application round to students that are not required a residence permit to enter Sweden.

All international students are encouraged to apply in the first admission round. This round takes place many months before the start of the semester and gives students the time they need to prepare. The deadline for the first admission round is 16 January 2023.

Missed the deadline and really want to study at the University? 

If you miss that deadline, you can apply in the second admissions round, if the course or programme is open for application. However, there are important things to consider: 

  • The admissions result for the second admission round are published in July, which means that students who require a residence permit for studies in Sweden (non-EU/EEA citizens) will not have enough time to have their residence permit application processed and approved, before the start of the semester. 
  • The deadlines for scholarship applications for fee-paying students have passed.
  • You will have a shorter amount of time to arrange with practicalities, such as insurances, finding housing and planning your travels, before the start of the semester.

The application period is 15 March - 17 April 2023.