Sophie Auckram

Sophie is passionate about how to deal with environmental issues

Sophie Auckram from New Zealand was looking for a programme that combined her interests in environmental studies and politics. Today she is a Master’s student at the Political Science, Environmental Governance and Behavior programme (MaPSE), and she is doing her studies for free through the Axel Adler scholarship.


Name: Sophie Auckram.

Age: 22.

From: New Zealand.

Student at: Master's Programme in Political Science: Environmental Governance and Behavior.

Former education: Bachelors in International Relations, Political Science and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand.

Plans for the future: Ideally, working as an environmental advocate aiding the gap between decision makers and interest groups. Otherwise, working somewhere in research or policy.


You will find more information about the Axel Adler scholarship at the webpage Scholarships and grants.