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Photo: Kevin Ku

Research Frontiers in the Digitalization of Society

Bachelor’s level
15 credits (ECTS)


How should we as individuals navigate in a time signified by
major technological change and new conditions for our privacy? What are
the consequences of introducing new technologies in companies and
organizations, and for the way we interact with each other? And what
does the technology of the future look like?

course provides a broad overview of the latest research in the field of
information systems, linked to phenomena such as digital activism, RPA,
artificial intelligence, blockchains, agile transformation and open
data. The course participants meet world-leading researchers who share
their latest research results, and discuss the consequences of the
development we are now seeing and what might be around the corner. The
course is intended for individuals with an interest in gaining a deeper
understanding of what digitalization means, and that are interested in
learning about the latest research before it becomes commonplace. In
this way, the course is aimed at both practitioners and students.

The language of instruction is English. Undervisningsspråk är engelska. All activities in the course are conducted remotely and asynchronously.

Prerequisites and selection


General entrance requirements