Religion and Politics in the United States

Master’s level
7.5 credits (ECTS)


Religion, Christianity in particular, has played and continues to play
an important but complex role in American society and politics. While
the United States was the first nation that formally separated church
and state, religion has nonetheless played a more significant role in
American society than it has in, for instance, modern Europe. Throughout
the history of the United States, religion and politics has been
integrated with question about race, migration, ethnicity, class, and
gender. The course deals with these historical processes, as well as
with the analysis of contemporary issues. As such, it enables a deeper
understanding of the complex political development in the United States,
which in turn affects the rest of the world.

Prerequisites and selection


Bachelor’s degree or University studies equal to a Bachelor’s degree, including an approved Bachelor thesis of at least 15 credits. Applicants must prove their knowledge of English: English 5/English A from Swedish Upper Secondary School or the equivalent level of an internationally recognized test, for example TOEFL, IELTS.