Reformation Theology

Master’s level
7.5 credits (ECTS)


In the Reformation era, theology came to be fundamentally changed,
something that had far-reaching consequences for theological tradition
as well as social development.

In this course you will have the
opportunity to deepen your understanding of some significant works of
Reformation theology, from different ecclesial traditions, reflecting
this development. Through reading and discussion, you will acquire a
knowledge of the central questions of Reformation theology and its
specific character. In addition, we place a particular emphasis on
understanding the reorientation of the ways of doing theology that takes
place with the Reformation and that continues to be relevant today.

Prerequisites and selection


Degree of Bachelor or completed courses of at least 180 credits at first cycle level, of which at least 90 credits with progression in some main field of study where it is included a bachelor's thesis of at least 15 credits. Qualified are also those that have equivalent foreign education or that have equivalent prior knowledge according to earlier study regulation. Furthermore, knowledge corresponding to English A/English 5 is required.