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Illustration of investigative journalism

JMG's Master's Programme in Investigative Journalism

Do you want to learn more about investigative journalism and its possibilities? Together with other students from all over the world, you will have the opportunity to sharpen your knowledge for one year at JMG's international Master's Programme MIJ.

Our lecturers and students

JMG's lecturers have extensive own experience of investigative journalism as well as the invited guest lecturers.

Many of those attending the programme are journalists, others have a different background. However, the desire to learn more in order to investigate and critically examine what is happening in our society and with power is something in common for JMG's students.

Many of the students have had their final projects in investigative journalism published in both Swedish and international media.

See our students' investigations

Already from the start of the programme, the students investigate and report. You will find some examples here.

Video (1:00)
Watch the video about MIJ