Anna in the hallway

"I provide decision support to management" Anna analyses Volvo's most important resource

During a course in economics, Anna Fäldt's interest in analysing large amounts of data deepened. In her role as People Data Analyst at Volvo Cars, she works with data and analyses the company's most important resource - its employees.

Anna Fäldt, 29 years old 

Studied the BSc Political Science Programme with a focus on economics, but wrote an essay in economics and supplemented it with independent courses to get the right eligibility for the Master's Programme in Economics

Graduated in 2022 and now works as a People Data Analyst at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg. 

Highlights during my time as a student at the School of Business, Economics and Law
I made friends for life. Sitting together and solving tasks before each exam, learning from each other, and motivating each other to perform. Then being able to celebrate together when it went well and support each other if it didn't go all the way on an exam.  

A course that Anna remembers particularly well 
For me, it became a matter, of course, to immerse myself in economics when I studied the course that was then called "Methods for economic analysis". That course was the start of a much deeper interest in analysing large amounts of data, becoming skilled at programming in statistical software, and moving from theory to more practical ways of investigating causal relationships and testing scientific hypotheses.