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GMAT General Test increases your chances of securing a place on the programme, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

Following versions of GMAT are accepted:

  • GMAT™ focus edition (current version, online or at test center): a minimum total score of 485 is required
  • GMAT™ exam (older version): a minimum total score of 500 is required
  • GMAT™ Online test (older version): a minimum total score of 500 is required

GMAT Exam/GMAT online is transferred to a GMAT Focus Edition total score. For the transfer of scores we use GMAT Score Concordance Table

Applicants with a test result below 485 (GMAT Focus Edition) and 500 (GMAT online) are placed in selection group 2.

Candidates are advised to study for the exam for 30-45 days before taking it. Official test preparation materials are available for free online: 
Prepare for the GMAT test 

For information regarding signing up for a test and where to find the test centers, please visit the official website for GMAT.

As of the admission 2024 we do no longer accept GRE score.