Bioanalytical chemistry - from single molecules to tissues

Master’s level
15 credits (ECTS)


Bioanalytical chemistry - from single molecules to tissues is a course for you who wants to learn more about biological applications of analytical chemistry. The course provides in-depth knowledge within bioanalytical chemistry with specialization in molecular structure techniques, chemical analysis across tissues, cell and subcellular molecular analysis, and protein analysis.

The theoretical and laboratory parts of the course are closely connected to current research and prepare you for a degree project in chemistry, neurobiochemistry, molecular biology or analytical chemistry. After the course, you will be well prepared to do further research studies in these subjects.


The course content is delivered through a series of lectures and several laboratory classes with experiments, both hands-on and by observation. You are expected to report your laboratory results in oral or written form to develop your communication skills.
Teaching is in English.

Prerequisites and selection


For admission to the course, completed and passed courses comprising 120 credits in the field of science, pharmacy or medicine.

After graduation

The course can be part of the following programmes:

  • Master's programme in Chemistry (N2KEM)
  • Master's programme in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry (N2KEL)
  • Master's programme in Chemistry and Learning (N2KOL)
  • Master's programme in Molecular Biology (N2MBI)
  • Master's programme in Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems (N2ACE)
  • Master's programme in Environmental Sciences (N2MVN)


This course is given in the Chemistry Building on Campus Johanneberg, Kemigården 4. The building has modern lecture halls, course laboratories and plenty of student spaces where you can sit and study. You can also choose to spend your time in Isobaren, our chemistry students' own room. Here, our students meet each other to study, help each other or just to socialize. Centrally located in the Chemistry Building, you will find a café where you can buy lunch and snacks. Here, you also have access to microwave ovens to warm up your own food. Of course, wireless networks are available throughout the building.

You can easily and quickly reach the Chemistry Building by tram or bus from all the different parts of Gothenburg. The nearest tram stops are Chalmers and Kapellplatsen and the nearest bus stop Chalmers Tvärgata.

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