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Apply for Metal Art

This information concerns applications to the BFA Programme in Metal Art.

Portfolio instructions  

Your portfolio for BFA programme in Metal Art should include:


  1. CV (max 2000 characters)
  2. Letter of intent: A personal letter that describes why you have chosen to apply to our BA program in Metal Art and what you expect to gain from the programme. Describe what and/or who inspires you. (max 3000 characters).
  3. Use images to present a metal object (large or small, contemporary or historical) that has made a negative or positive impression on you. Take note! Do not use your own work here. Write a short description why you chose that metal object. 5–10 pictures and max 800 characters
  4. Hand drawings, sketches, paintings or life drawings (figure studies). 5–10 slides.
  5. Images (photos, prints) of work/objects you have designed and made yourself, preferably in metal, work/objects made in another material may also be submitted. Describe your chosen pieces: Material, technique, size and when they were made. 5–10 pictures.

Your application must be anonymous. Do not include name or contact details anywhere in this material.

All texts must be in English. 

Assessment/Criteria of the portfolio 

Your portfolio is assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Material knowledge and craft skills
  • Artistic development potential

Submit your portfolio  

Submit your portfolio through our portfolio tool SlideRoom:    

SlideRoom closes at midnight (CET) on the day of deadline. When you have submitted your portfolio in time, you receive a confirmation e-mail from SlideRoom.

We recommend that you upload your material at least 24 hours before the deadline. It takes time to upload files and it is your responsibility to complete your application on time.

Please note that it is not possible to submit your portfolio after the application deadline.  

More information about SlideRoom here: About Slideroom

General entry requirements

Submit all documentation on that shows you fulfill the entry requirement. It is important that you submit complete documentation and follow the country specific guidelines carefully.

For more information click here

If you submit incomplete documentation you will be considered unqualified.

Selection & admission  

All complete applications are assessed by a jury consisting of the Programme Director and representatives from the unit to which the program belongs.

A number of applicants will be called for an interview. The interviews will be held online in the spring of 2021. Notification on whether you are called for an interview or not will be sent to the email address that is registered on

Your eligibility is assessed separately from your portfolio. Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be granted an exemption if the department deems that the applicant shows the prerequisites to take advantage of the education without fulfilling the entry requirements. You can show this by the following:

  •  other relevant education
  • relevant professional experience or other practical experience
  •  relevant artistic skills and abilities

Key dates

January 22, 2021: Application period opens

March 1, 2021: Last day to apply for the programme at

March 8, 2021: Last day to submit your portfolio in SlideRoom

March 15, 2021: Last day to complete your application. Supplementary documentation is uploaded to your pages on   

March 15, 2021: Last day to pay the registration fee or prove fee exemption 

March/April 2021: Notification if you have gone on to the interview will be sent out. It is sent to the e-mail address you have provided on

April 2021: Interviews are conducted.

April 2021: Your eligibility is reviewed

May 6, 2021: Admission notice is published on