After Paul - the Later Epistolary Literature in the New Testament

Master’s level
7.5 credits (ECTS)


Selections from the Catholic and/or post-Pauline letters in the
Nestle-Aland edition are studied in their original language together
with one or more commentaries and/or monographs. The student delves into
the letters as historical and theological documents, as rhetorical
texts and as sources of knowledge of social structures in the early
Christ-believing movement. Special emphasis is placed on the letters as
expressions of, and causes contributing to, the separation between
Judaism and Christianity as well as on the role played by texts for
Jewish-Christian relations today.

Prerequisites and selection


Degree of Bachelor or completed courses of at least 180 credits at first cycle level, of which at least 90 credits with progression in some main field of study where it is included a bachelor's thesis of at least 15 credits. Qualified are also those that have equivalent foreign education or that have equivalent prior knowledge according to earlier study regulation. Applicants must prove knowledge of English: English 5/English A or the equivalent level of an internationally recognized test, for example TOEFL, IELTS. 15 HEC in biblical Greek is also required.