Transformation towards green and blue cities: Conflicts between the sustainable development goals (TRANSSAFE)

Research project

Short description

This inter-disciplinary research project investigates conflicts among sustainable development goals (SDG) related to urban development and find opportunities for their resolution.

We focus on risks of vector-borne diseases under otherwise desired urban transformations towards green-blue cities. Green/blue infrastructures are now implemented in existing urban environments to promote health and physical activity, improve air quality, reduce risk of flooding and mitigate heat stress (SDG15, life on land, SDG6 , clean water and sanitation, SDG11, sustainable cities and communities, SDG3, health and wellbeing). Green/blue areas provides a range of important benefits to city residents, but may also cause adverse effects. These areas are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which may transmit pathogens. SDGs including urban development and transformation of urban landscapes towards green/blue areas are in conflict with the health goal. Research of these conflicts can identify serious problems and develop solutions that are synergistically positive.