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"The Nordic model": historical background, operationalization of the concept and its potential significance for the development of sustainable production systems

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2007 - ongoing
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Department of Sociology and Work Science

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Working life is subject to constant interventions, partly to reduce work-related absenteeism and partly to rationalize production. A large number of studies show conflicts between these two types of workplace interventions. Through literature studies we investigate the role of the "Nordic model" in avoiding / reducing such conflicts.
On this background the Nordic Council of Ministers supported in 2007 our establishment of a Nordic research network, the Novo Network. The vision was and is a "Nordic model for sustainable systems in healthcare". As part of this work, we are now focusing on the possible significance of the "Nordic model" and how this can be further explored to facilitate future initiatives for increased organizational sustainability.


Annual Nordic symposia are organized by the NOVO network under the leadership of Dr. Kasper Edwards, Technical University of Denmark. See also

In addition, numerous abstracts and presentations at a other international scientific meetings.


Jörgen Winkel, contact person, Email:
Tel: 0706-575834

Bernt Schiller, Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg

Kasper Edwards, Department of Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Rolf Westgaard, Div. Industrial Economics & Technology Management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim