Book cover, Elisabeth Hhort's Mutant

The Double Bind. The Novel as (peace)negotiation

Research project
Active research
Project size
2 400 000 SEK
Project period
2017 - 2020
Project owner

Swedish Research Council

Short description

At the heart of this project is the relation between writing and violence/ non- violence. The premises that conditions writing in its different forms and representations are investigated through an artistic practice. The aim of the project is to examine and perform a writing practice, which with Gayatri Spivak’s concept ”the Double Bind” is to be understood as a negotiation. While Spivak uses the concept to analyse aesthetics and ethics in a global era, I interpret the Double Bind as an artistic operation, a negotiation between contradictory premises. The purpose of this artistic research project on writing as (peace)negotiation is to generate methodological and practical knowledge, to deepen the understanding of the performative character and ethical conditions of the novel, and create a base for an on-going discussion about violence and