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A complete dataset of roll-call votes in the Swedish parliament, 1925-2022

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2023 - 2024
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Department of Political Science

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The purpose of the project is to make all roll-call votes in the Swedish Parliament from 1925 to 1993 accessible to researchers and to the public. Today, roll-call votes are available via the parliament's website for all yearly sessions since 1993/94. Roll-call votes before 1993 are kept in formats that makes systematic analysis impossible. During the bicameral parliament (until 1970), we will register roll-call votes at individual level in both the lower and upper house. From 1971, we will do the same in the unicameral parliament. We will also collect individual information about sex, year of birth and partisanship of the members of parliament, as well as specific information for each vote. As for the roll-call votes, we will use the Parliaments Library's digital archive, where votes are stored in four different formats and use computer-assisted MM and OCR techniques to compile the information. Data about the members of the Riksdag will come from bibliographic dictionaries and from the Riksdag's database "Rixlex". When this project is completed, researchers, journalists and the general public will get answers to questions about Swedish political history that previously have not been possible to answer. For example, it will be possible to study the government's agenda-setting power in the legislative process under different political conditions. Moreover, we will get better answers to questions about party discipline, ideological ideal positions, and polarization.