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ProDo - Research on the Process of Doing

Research group

Short description

People, both children and adults, engage in a variety of activities in their everyday lives. Being able to carry out activities, i.e. doing what one wants, must or should, is important for a person's health and well-being.

It is through doing that a person interacts with the world and experiences participation with others and in society. For people with neurological problems, children as well as adults, the ability to ”do” can be affected and thus participation in society risks being limited.

The research group conducts research on various aspects of doing. The research is focused on opportunities and obstacles in doing for children, adolescents and adults with disabilities due to neurological problems, congenital or early present. The purpose is to increase the groups opportunities for participation in different parts of life and in society.

The research is also focused on examining the existence of a relationship between higher cognitive functions – in particular executive function – and the process of doing. The research group conducts clinical research and conducts cross-sectional studies and, intervention studies as well as instrument development.