Pedagogy, Education, Praxis - PEP

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2011 - 2013
Project owner
The Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg


Short description

This network collaborates around issues concerning pedagogy and education and strive for a conversation between the Anglo-Saxon and continental traditions in these matters. Parallell empirical projects are conducted in the different countries to give information for discussions and publications.

Presentation of the project

This network is principally organised around a program of parallel cross-national empirical projects in four main areas, such as Leading and Learning; Education for all; Action Research and Bildung and Education.

The network brings proven capability, expertise and synergies to a program of research on the development of educational practice. In doing so, it contributes (a) to an emerging literature of research in practice theory, and (b) focuses the practice theory research program squarely on the development of educational/pedagogical practice.

The network plans to meet once a year to exchange findings but also to participate in international conferences, invite other researchers interested in the work and provide critical review of the work. So far the network has been productive. In a series of interconnected studies, they have been comparing and contrasting the contemporary conditions of educational practice, and the conditions for the development of educational practice in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and Australia.

Research programme

Professional Development, Leadership, Organisation (PULO)

School Development (SKUT)

Project members

Karin Rönnerman, University of Gothenburg
Anette Olin, University of Gothenburg
Ingrid Henning Loeb, University of Gothenburg

Stephen Kemmis Charles Sturt University, Australia
Jane Wilkinson, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Christine Edwards Groves, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Brian Hemmings, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Ian Hardy, University of Queensland, Australia
Peter Grootenboer, Griffith University, Australia

Petri Salo, Åbo Academy, Finland
Liselott Forsman, Åbo Academy, Finland
Gunilla Karlberg-Granlund , Åbo Academy, Finland

Eli Moksnes Furu , Tromsø Universtiy
Torbjørn Lund Tromsø University
Else Stjenrstrøm Tromsø University
Tor Vidar Eilertsen Tromsø University
Rachel Jakhelln Tromsø University
Matts Mattsson Tromsø University

Petra Ponte Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Holland
Ben Smit Leiden University, Holland

Wilfred Carr Sheffield University, England
Allan Pitman University of Western Ontario Canada



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Review of the first 4 books in the PEP-series: Educational Action Research, Vol. 18, No. 2, 2010. Download the article »

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Other books by PEP-members

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