Migration and Social Work (MIOS)

Research group

Short description

The research group of MIOS consists of social scientists from the department of social work at Gothenburg university, and social scientists from University West, and we have existed since 2015. The purpose of MIOS are several; to develop and exchange knowledge in the research area of migration and social work, conduct research, disseminate research findings, and participate in the public debate.

The group is open for scientists, PhD-students, and lecturers from different departments of Gothenburg university and University West, and non-governmental organisations and public organisations which have an interest in social work and migration.

Our research group collaborates with the Centre for global migration (MERGU) at the Department of Sociology and Work science, Gothenburg University, as well as the national research network “Social work in times of migration”. “Social work in times of migration” is a national research network which is financed by the funding body Forte (2019-21).