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Group Jonas Nilsson

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The Institute of Clinical Sciences

Short description

Research on PDX mouse models and immunotherapy of melanoma.

Research summary

Our research seek to identify biomarkers of response to new targeted therapies and immunotherapies. We are making personalized animal models, so called PDX models or Avatar mice. These are used to test drugs as well as further humanization for use in immune oncology research.

The research has generated the framework of starting the Sahlgrenska Translational Melanoma Group (SATMEG), consisting of basic researchers and clinical investigators working together to devise new therapies against melanoma.

Group members at SCCR

Jonas Nilsson, PhD, Group leader at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research and Professor of Experimental Cancer Surgery

Senior Research Fellows:
Lisa Nilsson, PhD, Senior staff scientist
Lars Ny, MD/PhD, Associate professor, oncologist
Samuel Alsén, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow
Elin Forsberg, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow
Rebecca Riise, PhD, Researcher

Post-graduate students:
Vasu Sah, PhD student

Technical staff:
Carina Karlsson, Biomedical Scientist
Sofia Stenqvist, Animal technician

Other Research Fellows:
Valentina Bucher, Research Assistant

Affiliated members:
Sahlgrenska Translational Melanoma Group (SATMEG)

Selected publications

  1. HER2 CAR-T cells eradicate uveal melanoma and T cell therapy-resistant human melanoma in interleukin-2 (IL-2) transgenic NOD/SCID IL-2 receptor knockout mice.
    Forsberg EM, Lindberg MF, Jespersen H, Alsén S, Olofsson Bagge R, Donia M, Svane IM, Nilsson O, Ny L, Nilsson LM, Nilsson JA. Cancer Res. 2019
  2. Response and Toxicity of Repeated Isolated Limb Perfusion (re-ILP) for Patients With In-Transit Metastases of Malignant Melanoma.
    Belgrano V, Pettersson J, Nilsson JA, Mattsson J, Katsarelias D, Olofsson Bagge R. Ann Surg Oncol. 2019
  3. Mouse avatars take off as cancer models.
    Nilsson JA, Olofsson Bagge R, Ny L.
    Nature. 562(7726):192, 2018
  4. A patient-derived xenograft pre-clinical trial reveals treatment responses and a resistance mechanism to karonudib in metastatic melanoma.
    Einarsdottir BO, Karlsson J, Söderberg EMV, Lindberg MF, Funck-Brentano E, Jespersen H, Brynjolfsson SF, Bagge RO, Carstam L, Scobie M, Koolmeister T, Wallner O, Stierner U, Berglund UW, Ny L, Nilsson LM, Larsson E, Helleday T, Nilsson JA. Cell Death Dis. 9(8):810, 2018
  5. BET bromodomain inhibitors synergize with ATR inhibitors in melanoma. Muralidharan SV, Einarsdottir BO, Bhadury J, Lindberg MF, Wu J, Campeau E, Bagge RO, Stierner U, Ny L, Nilsson LM, Nilsson JA. Cell Death Dis. 8(8):e2982, 2017
  6. Clinical responses to adoptive T-cell transfer can be modeled in an autologous immune-humanized mouse model.
    Jespersen H, Lindberg MF, Donia M, Söderberg EMV, Andersen R, Keller U, Ny L, Svane IM, Nilsson LM, Nilsson JA. Nat Commun. 8(1):707, 2017
  7. An approach to suppress the evolution of resistance in BRAFV600E-mutant cancer.
    Xue Y, Martelotto L, Baslan T, Vides A, Solomon M, Mai TT, Chaudhary N, Riely GJ, Li BT, Scott K, Cechhi F, Stierner U, Chadalavada K, de Stanchina E, Schwartz S, Hembrough T, Nanjangud G, Berger MF, Nilsson J, Lowe SW, Reis-Filho JS, Rosen N, Lito P. Nat Med. 23(8):929-937, 2017
  8. BRAFV600 inhibition alters the microRNA cargo in the vesicular secretome of malignant melanoma cells.
    Lunavat TR, Cheng L, Einarsdottir BO, Olofsson Bagge R, Veppil Muralidharan S, Sharples RA, Lässer C, Gho YS, Hill AF, Nilsson JA, Lötvall J. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 114(29):E5930-E5939, 2017
  9. Acquired Immune Resistance Follows Complete Tumor Regression without Loss of Target Antigens or IFNγ Signaling.
    Donia M, Harbst K, van Buuren M, Kvistborg P, Lindberg MF, Andersen R, Idorn M, Munir Ahmad S, Ellebæk E, Mueller A, Fagone P, Nicoletti F, Libra M, Lauss M, Hadrup SR, Schmidt H, Andersen MH, Thor Straten P, Nilsson JA, Schumacher TN, Seliger B, Jönsson G, Svane IM. Cancer Res. 77(17):4562-4566, 2017
  10. Validation and development of MTH1 inhibitors for treatment of cancer.
    Warpman Berglund U, Sanjiv K, Gad H, Kalderén C, Koolmeister T, Pham T, Gokturk C, Jafari R, Maddalo G, Seashore-Ludlow B, Chernobrovkin A, Manoilov A, Pateras IS, Rasti A, Jemth AS, Almlöf I, Loseva O, Visnes T, Einarsdottir BO, Gaugaz FZ, Saleh A, Platzack B, Wallner OA, Vallin KS, Henriksson M, Wakchaure P, Borhade S, Herr P, Kallberg Y, Baranczewski P, Homan EJ, Wiita E, Nagpal V, Meijer T, Schipper N, Rudd SG, Bräutigam L, Lindqvist A, Filppula A, Lee TC, Artursson P, Nilsson JA, Gorgoulis VG, Lehtiö J, Zubarev RA, Scobie M, Helleday T.
    Ann Oncol. 27(12):2275-2283, 2016

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Jonas Nilsson
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Contact information

Jonas Nilsson

E-mail: Jonas Nilsson
Phone: +46 (0)31 786 6768

Visiting address:
Sahlgrenska Center
for Cancer Research,
Medicinaregatan 1F
413 90 Gothenburg


Group Jonas Nilsson and its research is affiliated to Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research and the Institute of Clinical Sciences. Jonas Nilsson is also part of the constellation Sahlgrenska Translational Melanoma Group (SATMEG).