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Innovative solution strategies for grocery shopping

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2015 - 2017
Project owner
Centre for Retailing, School of Business, Economics and Law

Centre for Retailing's post-doctoral scholarship

Short description

In many contexts individuals has responsibility for their own lives and well-being and there are many actors who are willing to guide the consumers to better lifestyles, for example the retailers who have the possibility to change the way consumers do their grocery shopping. Innovative solutions for grocery shopping are many: Recipe bags, self-scanning, on-line grocery stores and unmanned express stores. New services facilitate grocery shopping and offer a partial solution for many of the problems connected to modern food consumption and lifestyles. The aim of this ethnographic study is to investigate how different solution strategies are received in the household setting and what kind of services households’ request, but also to investigate how the grocery stores develop new services.