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Distinguished Professor Programme of the Swedish Research Council

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The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Economy and Society

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Professor Maureen McKelvey, employed at the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg, has been awarded a 10 year research programme, with inthe framework of the Distinguished Professor Programme of the Swedish Research Council.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems: Transforming society through knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship

This is a research programme on knowledge-intensive entrepreneurial eco-systems. In the programme researchers will study empirical phenomenon, primarily within Sweden, and within three industries:

  • The transport industry, including e-mobility, autonomous systems and artificail intelligence
  • Life science, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology
  • Sports/Sports technology

The aim of the research programme is to update the theoretical and empirical understanding of how knowledge-intensive entrepreneurial ecosystems can be established and maintained in order to meet future societal challenges. Society is always changing, and is under numerous pressures of digitalization, globalization and regionalization.