Blue mussels on rope.
Photo: Lars Hestbæk

COOL BLUE - Community Ocean Farms and Local Business Clusters

Research project
Active research
Project size
10 million SEK
Project period
2023 - 2026
Project owner
Department of Marine Sciences

Short description

COOL BLUE (Community Ocean Farms and Local Business Clusters) is a collaborative project to develop the concept of marine allotments in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

One of the main objectives of the project is to help start up viable commercial and non-commercial small-scale regenerative ocean farms that contribute to a healthier ocean.

In Denmark, community blue gadens are an established concept and there are ocean farms in 30 different locations across the country. In Sweden there is widespread interest but very few farms, and in Finland the possibility of establishing allotments in the Baltic Sea is being investigated. The project aims to capitalise on this to exchange knowledge and lessons learned.

The project will

  • Create a network between small-scale farmers in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
  • Produce a handbook for small-scale farming in marine and brackish water environments.
  • Develop methods to monitor the environmental impact of the farms.
  • Develop business models for commercial and non-commercial farms.
  • Provide a helpdesk for small-scale farming in the sea.
  • Organise awareness-raising activities and events.
  • Work for regulatory simplification to establish small-scale regenerative marine farms in Sweden.

Participants from the University of Gothenburg

Maria Bodin, project coordinator, Centre for Sea and Society

Matthias Obst, researcher, Department of Marine Sciences

Marina Panova, researcher, Department of Marine Sciences

Malin Rosengren, project leader Centre for Sea and Society

Participants in other countries

Joachim Hjerl, Havhøst, Denmark

Jonas Harald, Aktion Österbotten, Finland

Frederick Bruce, s.Pro, Germany