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Photo: Winborg

Cancer Foundation awards SEK 15.2m to 33 researchers


In 2022, the Jubilee Clinic’s Cancer Fund awarded more than SEK 15.2 million to thirty-three cancer researchers working at, or in association with, the Jubilee Clinic at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Just over SEK 1m of the above-mentioned sum is to fund “research months for clinicians”, the aim being to make it easier for staff in clinical activities to focus on their research. Researchers employed at other oncology units in the West Götaland Region and North Halland County can now also apply for such grants, provided there is a connection with the academic research underway at the Jubilee Clinic.

The researchers are also associated with the subject area of Oncology here at Sahlgrenska Academy.

Endocrine tumors, intestinal health, and breast cancer: three areas receiving the largest project grants

  • Eva Forssell-Aronsson has been awarded SEK 1.2m for her project New treatment strategies for molecular radionuclide therapy for metastasized cancer, with a focus on endocrine tumors and tumors with endocrine properties.
  • Gunnar Steineck is receiving SEK 1.2m for his Dietary fiber to increase the normal intestinal tissue's radio resistance and drugs to improve intestinal health after radiotherapy.
  • Per Karlsson has a grant of SEK 1m for his project Individualization of radiotherapy in breast cancer.

Triple-negative breast cancer
Toshima Parris, who is researching triple-negative breast cancer, has received SEK 250k in grants this year for her project, Breast Cancer Stem Cells: New Target for Successful Treatment of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Subtypes.

Fotografi på Toshima Parris
Toshima Parris, oncology subject area researcher

“We want to clarify whether triple-negative breast cancer cells contain cancerous stem cells and, if so, identify treatments that can eliminate them,” she says in an interview on the Jubilee Clinic Cancer Foundation website.

She thinks the best part of being a researcher is that she learns something new every day. It is like solving a jigsaw puzzle: For every experiment and study she performs, the picture becomes clearer.

“I want the fund’s donors to know that the researchers truly appreciate their awards. The work we do wouldn’t be feasible without their support,” Parris says in the interview. Read the full interview here (in Swedish).

Twenty-nine cancer researchers awarded project grants
Per Albertsson, Eva Forssell-Aronsson
Peter Bernhardt, Cecilia Bull, Anna Bäck
Roumiana Chakarov, Daniel Giglio, Thomas Björk-Eriksson
Andreas Hallqvist, Maria Hedelin, Khalil Helou
Marianne Jarfelt, Per Karlsson, Anne Thilander Klang
Kerstin Lagerstrand, Max Levin, Barbro Linderholm, Sture Lindegren
Ingela Franck Lissbrant, Maria Ljungberg
Lars Ny, Caroline Olsson, Stig Palm, Toshima Parris, Niclas Pettersson
Maja Sohlin, Gunnar Steineck, Johanna Svensson

Listed above are the names of the main applicants, but as a rule the larger projects include a number of additional dedicated researchers with complementary skills and knowledge.

Four cancer researchers’ research months for clinicians funded
Malin Blomstrand, Esmaeil Mehrara, Anna Nordenskjöld and Jan Nyman.

FACTS about the Jubilee Clinic Cancer Fond

Over the past five years, the King Gustav V Jubilee Clinic Cancer Foundation, established in 1952, has provided total funding of some SEK 69.2m, obtained entirely through generous donations from private individuals and companies, for cancer research in West Sweden.

Read more (in Swedish) about the awards and see the full project list at the Jubilee Clinic site.