Baby med manshänder
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African men's involvement in pregnancy and childbirth

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2020 - ongoing
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Institute of Health and Care Sciences

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This project includes a number of studies of African men living in both Cameroon and Sweden.
Previous research has shown that men's involvement during pregnancy and childbirth is low in African countries. Many African women prefer to bring a sister or mother to the delivery ward in Sweden as well.


1. Experiences and views of first-time fathers in pregnancy-related care: a qualitative study in Buea Sub-division, Cameroon
2. Perceptions about the cultural practices of male partners during pregnancy and childbirth in Buea Sub-division, Cameroon: a qualitative study


Nambile Cumber S, AtuhaireC, Namuli, Bogren M, Elden H (Corresponding author). Barriers and strategies needed for maternal health services among pregnant adolescents in Uganda: a qualitative study. Global Health Action. 2022, VOL.00, 2067397.


Samuel Nabile Cumber 

Helen Elden 

Malin Bogren 

Dr. Palle John, The Head of the Nursing Department at the University of Buea, Cameroon