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VR grant to project on Performance with CHS partnership

Astrid von Rosen, CHS coordinator, is one of the partners in the project "Turning Points and Continuity: The Changing Roles of Performance in Society 1880-1925", granted just over 7 million by VR.

The Department of Musicology and Performance studies at Stockholm University is the host of the project, with several partners in Stockholm and Gothenburg, CHS's Astrid von Rosen being one of them. 

The project aims to revisit and re-interpret a period celebrated as the breakthrough of modern theatre. Using extensive archival work and historiographical and socio-economic analyses, the researchers will investigate the performance practices in Sweden that have become marginalized in the historical narratives, for example operetta, variety dancing, and comedies written by women playwrights. This approach looks appreciatively at the many aesthetic layers that worked in tandem with the emergence of the early avant-garde. 

For information about this project, contact Astrid von Rosen