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The University of Gothenburg Keeps Its Times Higher Education Ranking


The British magazine Times Higher Education just published its yearly ranking of universities across the world, and the University of Gothenburg maintains its position in the 201–225 bracket.

The Times Higher Education (THE) ranking is generally considered one of the world’s most prestigious higher education rankings. THE ranks the first 200 universities individually, and presents the rest in intervals: 201–225, 226–250, 251–275, 276–300, 301–350, and 351–400.

The ranking is based on 13 indicators separated into five groups carrying different weights: teaching, international outlook, industry income, research and citations.

Compared with last year, the new ranking gives the University of Gothenburg an improved score for citations, while its performance within teaching and research has moved in the opposite direction.

‘Other Swedish, comparable higher education institutions show a similar pattern. Lund University has also lost ground in teaching and research, and so has Uppsala University, which in fact has reduced its score in other indicator groups as well,’ says Magnus Gunnarsson, analyst at the Division of Analysis and Evaluation, University of Gothenburg.

U.S. Dominance

As in 2011 and 2012, California Institute of Technology tops the list. Then a few changes can be noted: Harvard has moved up to second place, a position it shares with Oxford, and Stanford has fallen one notch to fourth place.

The magazine ranks the Swedish higher education institutions as follows, with last year’s ranking in parentheses: Karolinska institutet 36 (42), Stockholm University 103 (117), Uppsala University 111 (106), Royal Institute of Technology 117 (140), Lund University 123 (82) and then the University of Gothenburg.