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The Book Fair 2015: Knowledge for democracy


The Freedom of speech and the need of awareness about it is the objective for the University of Gothenburg’s participation at the Göteborg Book Fair.

55 researchers participate in the University stand and at seminars held by the University of Gothenburg to give their perspective on how it is to be a human being in a gobal and digital world, trying to answer questions like: how free can I be in my expression, without causing discomfort for others?

Next year Sweden celebrates the 250th anniversary of the world´s oldest constitutional law on freedom of expression - the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act from 1766. According to Reporters without borders more than half of the world’s population cannot express their opinion freely.

The challenges are many, complex and strongly politicised, in particular in questions concerning the media and the liberal arts.

– To meet today’s challenges we need more knowledge. It is vital in today’s society when different cultures, religions and political opinions exist side by side, says professor Ulla Carlsson.

Therefore the University of Gotheburg has taken the initiative Global Free Speech, to increase awareness on Freedom of speech.

Learn more at the University stand B06:70 at the Göteborg Book Fair.