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Temporary scholarship for fee-paying students


Based on a recognition of the vulnerability of students affected by financial crisis caused by the ongoing pandemic, the University of Gothenburg launches a temporary scholarship programme for our fee-paying students. The scholarship purpose is to support our current students in the transition to the coming academic year 2020/2021.

2020-11-19 The application for the scholarship is closed

The scholarship amount awarded to students at the University of Gothenburg is 15 000 SEK per scholarship. Cost of living is not covered. Students awarded this scholarship must, therefore, still be able to fund their living costs by other means, as per the requirements of the Swedish Migration Agency.

– We care about our international students and we have seen that fee-paying students, who are in the middle of their programme and financing their studies themselves, have a strained situation, says Vice Chancellor Eva Wiberg. Therefore, we have launched this temporary scholarship programme to support them.