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Temporarily cancellation of classes and meetings on campus


As a consequence of the Public Health Agency's updated decision on stricter general advice, the Department of Cultural Sciences chooses to lift all previously announced exceptions from the distance situation.

The decision that comes from the department management means that:

  • from now until 19 November, no teaching in which the department is involved may take place physically (at the Humanisten or at any other place);
  • we will not arrange any physical meetings, seminars or similar activities, either in our premises or elsewhere.
  • that everyone who can work or study from home should do so. When working or studying at Humanisten, it is now more important than before to keep your distance and maintain good hand hygiene.

For students who have previously been informed that lectures and seminars will take place on site in the lecture rooms at the faculty of Humanities, this now means instead that these teaching opportunities take place digitally, for example via zoom. Affected students have been notified via Canvas.

- I am aware of the problems this causes, but it is important that we as an department do what we can to reduce the spread of infection and contribute to good health, says Mats Björkin, head of the Department of Cultural Sciences.

The Swedish Public Health Agency's stricter general advice to, among others, the Västra Götaland region (in swedish)

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