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Swedish Research Council funds three projects in Economics


No less than three research projects at the Department of Economics have recently been awarded research grants from the Swedish Research Council:

Criminal victimisation: Economic consequences and risk factors

Being a victim of criminal offenses is costly to both society and the victims themselves, who may suffer short and long-term consequences. However, there has been very little research on these consequences. In this project the researchers have access to unique register and survey data on victimisation, and from this they will assess the causal effect of victimisation on labour market outcomes, health, family formation etc. Also the project will identify risk factors of victimisation, which is crucial in designing effective preventive policy tools.
Researchers: Nadine Ketel, Randi Hjalmarsson, Anna Bindler and Andreea Mitrut
Funding: 4.8 MSEK, 2018-2020

Climate change, political instability, and state collapse over 5000 years: New data and future implications

The aim of this project is to explore how climate change affects the political stability of states in the very long run. What is the role of variations in temperature and rainfall on countries' political and economic situation? For the first time in social sciences, researchers will use a unique geocoded database where the ups and downs of states are mapped. The results will  be used in the models for how future global warming interacts with economic and political developments in the world.
Researchers: Ola Olsson and Laura Mayoural
Funding: 3.6 MSEK, 2018-2020

The importance of institutions in the housing market

The recent increase in Swedish house prices have shown that the housing market has a large impact on the consumers' well being, the labour market and finacial stability. Although a lot is known about the financial side of the housing market, this is not true for the process of how conumsers buy and sell houses. This project aims at analysing the Swedish housing market by asking two specific questions: What is the impact of brokers on the sales price? What is the relationshop between the asking price, sales price, and sales time?
Researcher: Aico van Vuuren
Funding: 2.7 MSEK, 2018-2020