EBM Building in summer
Photo: Charbel Sader

Summer Opening hours at Core Facilities


Several of our facilities have changed opening hours during the summer. On this page we have gathered an overview of the information. Please contact each facility if you have questions concerning your projects or need more information about opening hours.


The facility is closed during the weeks 28, 29, 30, and 31. We have limited availability during weeks 27 and 32.

Contact Bioinformatics

Mammalian Protein Expression

The facility has limited availability during weeks 28, 29, 30 and 31, but you are always welcome to send in a project application via the national infrastructure Protein Production Sweden (PPS).

Contact MPE

PPS Project application

Experimental Biomedicine (EBM)

The facility is open as usual, but the research administration (Forskningsadministrationen) at EBM will have reduced opening hours during the period July to August.

Contact EBM for more information

Biobank Core Facility

The facility in collaboration with Biobank Väst is open as usual but operating with reduced capacity.

Contact Biobank Core Facility

Contact Biobank Väst


Contact Proteomics Core Facility

Clinical Genomics Gothenburg

Contact Clinical Genomics Gothenburg

Center for Cellular Imaging

Contact Center for Cellular Imaging

OligoNova HUB

Contact OligoNova HUB