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Study visit to entrepreneurs addressing social problems in Bergsjön


'Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship' is a new popular course given by IIE and is part of our master’s programme in entrepreneurship. This week, the students attended a study visit to Bergsjön where Bert-Ola Bergstrand (Project Manager of Social Capital Forum) gave a presentation on the societal problems present in many of the disadvantaged suburbs in Sweden and how such problems can be addressed by social innovation and entrepreneurship.

The students were also given a presentation by Lotta Liden (responsible official for social development at the City of Gothenburg) about how the city stimulates social enterprises. The study visit further gave the students the opportunity to interact with leaders from some of the social enterprises active in Bergsjön and learn about these organizations’ solutions to social problems and the specific issues they face. The latter will be addressed in the students’ group work and proposed solutions will be presented at the end of May.