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Software students from Gothenburg won driverless-car-competition in Germany


Students from the international programmes in Software Engineering in Gothenburg won first prize in the junior version of Carolo Cup in Germany. The challenge was to design an optimal solution for a driverless vehicle, where the vehicle - by using software and sensors - has to manage a round on the track on its own and then park itself nicely in the designated place.

In the Carolo Cup Race students are developing autonomous vehicles in a 1:10 scale. The competition was held for the sixth consecutive year and this year also offered a "Junior Cup" for teams who have not been in the competition before. Team DR.MEILI from Gothenburg participated in Junior Cup and ended up winning the whole thing. The team consists of students from many different countries and they are following international programmes at the University of Gothenburg or at Chalmers University of Technology.

the DR.MEILITeam

In the race the cars have to follow lane markings, pass intersections safely and then park. The DR.MEILI car impressed in its last round by the steady traction on the curvy 70 meter's track which was made in three minutes, and then put itself in a 60 cm large parking space within ten seconds.

The secret behind this car is many late nights...

Anna Orazova, student at the bachelor's programme in Software Engineering and Management, University of Gothenburg

Team DR.MEILI consists of Anna Orazova, Mahsa Mirtalebi, Munir Fetewi, Paschalis Tsolakidis, Seyed Ehsan Mohajerani, Sofia Charalampidou and Benjamin Vedder. They are all students at either the international bachelor's programme in Software Engineering and Management at the University of Gothenburg, or at any of the two master's programmes in Software Engineering or Communication Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.

The team name DR.MEILI comes partly from Norse mythology where "Meili" means "the lovely one" and DR is simply an abbreviation of "drive."

The team has been tutored by Christian Berger and Olaf Landsiedel from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. HiQ Gothenburg AB has sponsored the hardware and the trip to the competition in Germany.

The story was covered by TV4 News Gothenburg.