Scary Seafood in a marketing class


On September 4th, students from the Master course in Marketing in the service economy, businesses, municipalities, researchers, and other stakeholders all met at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg to attend the experiential workshop on Scary Seafood.

Sea cucumbers, spider crabs, and worms were among the thirteen species that participants were invited to see, touch and smell. Attendees had also the opportunity to taste seaweed chips as scary seafood packaged product.

The aim of the workshop was to explore how to increase attractiveness of scary but sustainable seafood products for consumers and tourists. Group and plenary discussions among the 80 participants followed direct experience of scary seafood. Many ideas, strategies and potential innovations emerged, supporting the co-creational approach underlying the workshop. The Experiential workshop was organized under the aegis of the project FOODbiz “University and business learning for new employability paths in food and gastronomy”, together with Scary Seafood project – providing the scary seafood species – and the Maritime development in Bohuslän project.

Cross-fertilisation among research projects, experiential approach, transdisciplinarity, and engagement of multiple stakeholders made the workshop one innovative and fun way to enjoy a learning experience.