EBM research facility
Photo: Göteborgs universitet

Researcher at EBM? Don't Miss Our Online User Guide


If you are a researcher at EBM and have access to the facility, then you also have access to our online user information.

These pages provide you with useful information, and you can get an overall view of our capabilities and important routines at EBM.

For example you can find information regarding ethical approval of animal experiments, and what kind of education and training that is required. You can also find a calendar for animal orders, and also get in touch with current Veterinarian on call.

We are developing the content of the pages with the researchers at EBM as our primary focus, so if there is any content that you are missing, we are glad to hear from you.

Our staff is available to answer questions and guide you further, so don’t hesitate to contact us at EBM.

How to find the user information

Login with your GU account via the link on our website: